Monday, September 19

our adventure

I was in a rough spot
Tears forming in my eyes
Heart breaking
Soul fading quickly
It couldn't have been much worse
...and then you walked into my life.

Somewhat apprehensive,
I kept you at a distance
But it took you less than 15 minutes to break through my walls
And in you came
You prodded my darkest places
And asked questions I didn't want to face
But most importantly
You brought me hope
with your contagious laughter you brought joy to my spirit

We drove out to the biggest swing set we knew of
And swung until we couldn't go any higher
Jumping off and toppling into the beach

And we square danced in the sand
Laughing and not caring how crazy we must have looked

We took turns sharing things we were thankful for
And you made me feel truly alive again
It was truly a beautiful thing

As we threw sand and shared stories
A part of me was reborn.

I'm thankful for the breeze that tousled our hair
And the sand that covered our hands and toes
Im thankful for the sound of the breaking waves
And the screeching if the seagulls
But, most importantly,
I'm thankful for that hour that you took to share your love
And change my life.