Friday, October 14

to KD and SK

You held me while I was shaking today
Tears in all of our eyes as we cried out
Asking timidly, then boldly for a miracle
For my healing, restoration, and faith.

My body trembled as I held back the tears
I wore my heart on my sleeve
As I prayed again the prayer of sweet surrender
To my maker, my prince of peace.

You cradled my head in your shoulder
Your other arm reaching out and holding me
I'm sure you felt every tremor that shot through me
But not once did you flinch.

Your hand reached out and held my knee
Never have I felt a touch so full of emotion
Comfort, faith, admiration, care, and empathy
Came from your mouth, your eyes, your hands.

I prayed today, wholeheartedly and from where I was at
For half an hour the three of us sat
At the feet of our maker,
Pleading for relief, for my safety, for a miracle.