Monday, September 2

SAU day one

As I begin this post, I'm 20 minutes out from my Zeeland home, an hour and a half away from my SAU home.
That's right, folks. It's moving day.
To say that I am anything less than terrified would be a lie. I've got my life packed in boxes, everything I get for the next six plus weeks in the back of the truck. I won't be home until the middle of October, so saying all of my goodbyes was a hard thing. Many of my friends are already moved in to dorms or situated with their new routines. This late move in has been bittersweet. It means that I got to see a lot of my friends off. I could learn from their mistakes and their facebook posts of things they'd forgotten. But I've also had to sit at home for two weeks and watch the rest of my friends get a jump start on their college/life plans.

The distance is perfect: depending on the driver and traffic, I'm between an hour and a half and two hours away. Far enough to have to fend for myself, close enough that I can come home or have visitors if need be.

Thankfully, thru this whole process, I have never doubted that SAU is where I'm supposed to be. The striving for community, the academics...everything about it has always felt like home. Psychology and Social Work double major will be work. But they overlap, so it can be done. And I feel like it really is what I'm supposed to be studying. This semester mainly gen eds, next semester we get psych 200 and philosophy and old testament survey...Things that I could not be more excited to dive in to.

So today, my roommate Olivia and I will move in to Gamma 214. We'll find a place to plug in my coffeemaker and hang curtains on our closet. We'll loft my bed and hang the mirror. We'll start to make Spring Arbor University our home.

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