Friday, August 21

BOOKS: my first love

This week's photos are brought to you by my first true love in life:
I go through phases of reading a lot, and then not reading a lot, and then having to read so much for school that I never want to read anything ever again, and then I'm back to spending every spare second with my nose in a book because I love it. Well, this week I've fallen back in love.

First, <<<<<THOSE books came in the mail this week. Thank you, for potentially being the death, bankruptcy, and ruin of me.
{5 books, $15 = HAPPY JULIA!}
All of these are books I've been encouraged to read by business partners and mentors to work on personal and business development. Um, YES!

Then THESE>>>>> beautiful babies are part of what can only be described as an overwhelming pull back to the arbor. I am so ready to go back to school. I'm ready for the schedule and the routine, the checklists and late nights and homework and papers and activity and bustle and friends and just the way that life has unfolded for me there. My family knows that I love them more than words, but that right now, Spring Arbor is just my home, and it's where I want to be more than anything.
I am seriously SO blessed to be able to have found a community that makes me want to go back so badly.
Anyway, these are textbooks. Yeah. Devotional Classics, Mudhouse Sabbath, Life You've Always Wanted... textbooks.
{Along with Clinical Psychpharmacology Made Ridiculously Simple, obviously.}

I'm just really ready to go back. We start late in comparison to most other schools, and for the first time, I'm not moving in early (because I'm not a freshman or an upperclassman with a leadership position on a freshman floor like I was last year.)
Two weeks of work left, then a couple of days to pack and sleep and spend time with the people that I love, and then we pile everything in a truck and make the trek.

We had a 'last day' party at work for the summer help today. Maddie's last day was today, so they decided to just do both of us at once. Costco cake with our names on it, gourmet cupcakes for each of us, whole nine yards(:
Honestly, all of them are just sweethearts. Both last summer and now this summer I've been placed in work environments at Royal where I've meshed well with personalities, picked up on things quickly, and even managed to have a little bit of fun while getting paid to do work that a monkey could do.
Ideal? No. Would I do it again? Absolutely. Though I don't know what next summer holds, I do know that the past two years have been a hoot and a half out in Hudsonville.

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