Wednesday, February 25

life doesn't stop.

Unfortunately, life doesn't stop for birthdays.
I know... right now you're probably thinking, "Congratulations, Julia! You've managed to comprehend the basic laws of how time passes!"
But seriously, it's kind of frustrating.

On Monday I had a birthday.
Not just a birthday, but a sort of monumental one.
I turned 20.
Two decades of life.
Ron Kopicko (the SAU chaplain:) and I got a little laugh about it at our weekly meeting on Monday because we were talking about how I don't really like beginnings... I don't like new semesters or change or new year's celebrations and he interrupted me and went,
"Life decades?"
Yup, we've got a pretty good chuckle. Because it's true.
I set up crazy unrealistic expectations and goals and then get super frustrated the first few times that I fall short, even knowing that there is absolutely now why that I can get there.

This year? I'm making little goals. I'm aiming to be more productive with my time. I want to strive for health and happiness in as many instances as possible. I want to dream.

One of my little goals is for this blog: to share a photo a week that represents what's going on in my world.
Probably 90% of them will be blurry ipod camera quality kind of deal.
But here's the one for this, from my first couple days of being 20:
A little bit of explanation on this one: I've recently become an unofficial entrepreneur and started my own business as a way to help cover some college and life expenses. My start-up kid and some AMAZING samples came in the mail and I am seriously so excited.

If you're looking for a way to make a little extra money, let me know and I can get your number to a sweetheart and good friend of mine who can explain the opportunity.

If you read this blog because you're related to me, you know me fairly well, or you like me as a human being, your financial support would mean the absolute world. How? Head to my website and look around. Everything you buy helps me put myself thru school. The stuff is phenomenal, too, let me tell you. Getting this package was honestly a highlight of my week and was one of the best birthday presents I could have gotten for myself and knowing that package #2 is waiting for me at home when I'm in Zeeland for spring break makes me super excited.

So yeah, this is me.
Busy. Business owner (eekk! :). College student. Crazy. 20. Blessed.

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