Thursday, March 5

a photo a week, take 2

This week's photo explanation of the world as I see it:

Basically, it's winter, but I'm trying to pretend that it's spring by wearing my spring shoes and drinking cold coffee and cracking the dorm room window and leaving the curtains open and wearing all my spring scarves and what have you.

Because let's be real. It's March. We should not have this much snow... or, in the case of the arbor, this much snow covered by a very crunchy layer of ice.
I'll be on my way home for spring break in 24 hours, and is it crocuses and t shirts I anticipate?!
More snow.
You could say that I'm pretty gosh dang sick of it.
My rule is always my birthday. Snow up until 11:59pm on February 23 is okay, but as soon as my birthday is over, I'm over the snow.

Instead of spring rain and outdoor runs in shorts, it'll be gross snow and going out in layers. I'm determined to make the best of it, but REALLY?! Is the snow still completely necessary?!

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  1. As a snow-lover extraordinaire, I have loved this snowy winter! I know i am in the minority opinion though :)

    Love your blog and that photo!


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