Sunday, May 10

sentimental Beta 3 stuffs

Last week's photo of the week is a little bit late because I'm 98.5% sure last week took all of about 3.7 seconds from Sunday to Sunday.
To say that things are crazy is a little bit of an understatement.

First of all, "finals brain" is a real condition where your brain begins to turn to mush because the end is so close that you can almost taste it, so biologically your body starts giving in to summer and yet you still have to get stuff done.
It's like senioritis, only worse.

BUT these lovely ladies here, let me tell ya, they're making every minute of it worth it.
I'll save my long, sentimental SLA post for another day where I have a little bit more mental capacity, but living with these girls has been an experience to say the least. Each of them has pushed me to be a better Christian, friend, student, and leader in their own unique ways. We took pictures together the first week of school and it was like a bunch of strangers just getting to know each other. Now last week we took some again in the same places, and it's so obvious that so much has changed.
Yeah, there's been drama and chaos and tears and laughter, but it's been such a beautiful experience and I thank God for each of these girlywhirls.

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