Friday, May 1

the calm before the storm.

Finals are fast approaching, and 'overwhelmed' is a pretty good word to describe where I'm at with that whole shindig.
Honestly, it's exhausting. My professors all had the great idea to make finals week a little easier on us by making everything due this week.
Well, if one or two of them had that idea, it'd be wonderful. But when all of them have it, it just means that there are two separate and equally devastating waves of due-dates, presentations, and finals that hit all of about a week apart.
So right now is my calm before the storm. Round one of due dates happen early next week, then there's a week to recover (aka cram like a mad woman) before finals.
Don't get me wrong, I'm sitting in a pretty good place academically right now. Only one class is on my radar for being pretty rough so far and knowing there's a killer final coming (but let's be real, it's an honors gen ed. it's hard and it's not in major. so i'm not trying to flip out too bad...key word 'trying'.)

So lots and lots of coffee, to-do lists, naps, energy drinks (XS=LIFE!), and sunshine are the prescription for survival. Honestly, the beautiful weather is what makes it tolerable. After a winter that didn't really know what to do with itself or how to stop (yeah, it snowed a week and a half ago) and a spring that couldn't decide if it wanted to be summer or winter, this low 70's and consistent son does wonders for the soul.

I've stayed on top of things throughout the semester, I think I'm finally caught up on sleep from last weekend down in NC, and two weeks are all that separate me from being home free for the summer.

Which really isn't 'free,' but we'll take it. I've accepted a full-time factory position with a pretty significant raise from last summer, so basically I'll spend 1/3 of my precious summer minutes destroying all fine motor function in my hands. BUT it pays the bills, and it puts me around the family (BECAUSE GUATEMALA FOR FIVE MONTHS NEXT SPRING! AHHH!) and in a better place to build business and take care of myself.
But all of that is forward looking...and ^^ that ^^ is all of the forward thinking I get for now.
These next couple weeks are going to be about living in the moment, making stuff happen, getting things done, running on fumes, and hopefully sliding in to the end of the semester exhausted, but with a thriving GPA to show for it.

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