Tuesday, January 14

goodbyes are hard.

I'm not related to her. I wasn't exceptionally close to her.
But her passing makes my heart heavy.

Lucy was to me an example of how I wanted to age; to grow old, but not to grow up.
She wasn't afraid to call herself old, but she had a child's heart and a childlike faith that was evident to all who knew her.
She had her priorities straight: God first, then people, then laughter. That woman, she knew how to laugh.
I'm blessed to be able to cherish a few inside jokes (Alyssa, Danielle, Claire...the ugly frogs? :).
She made everyone feel valued; she was selfless, empathetic, and supportive whenever anyone needed an ear or a shoulder.

I'm sure I'm not the only one with a heavy heart,
for we have all lost a godly woman of faith and a dear friend.

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