Saturday, January 25


I want adventure in the great wide somewhere // I want it more than I can tell // And for once it might be grand // to have someone understand // I want so much more than they've got planned

"a strong desire to travel"

I've got a pretty severe case of it.

Mexico, Cambodia, Greece, Hawaii, New York, California, Alaska, Puerto Rico...
it seems like so many people that I know are either going to school in far-off places,
have traveled recently,
or are making plans to.

And it is truly sparking my passion for Cairo again.
I never really gave up on it or outgrew my excitement to travel,
but I want it more than anything again.

I want to travel.
I want to see the sights
and experience the cultures
and take in the views
and be immersed in the way of life so different from my own.

I want to get on an airplane
and for a little bit,
to be so completely independent.
I want to be out in the world
and traveling
and seeing
and experiencing.

I have in no way lost my desire, my gumption, my passion, my plans, by dream. travel...

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