Saturday, January 11

Is Jesus an alien?

This is going to sound really random, maybe a little bit sacrilegious if interpreted certain ways, and potentially a little bit crazy. I'm aware of this. But just roll with me here.

Mr Prof, Dr. Cornell, talked in passing yesterday about how Jesus ascended with a human body. This means that, depending on your personal theology, we believe that Jesus is still out there in the flesh.
Kind of strange to think about, no?
So Dr. C hypothesized, albeit somewhat sarcastically, that maybe Jesus was out in the 17th dimension or hiding behind the no-longer-planet Pluto.
And that got me thinking.

Maybe He is.

I'm not saying that I believe that when we discover the 17th dimension, we'll find Jesus.
I'm not claiming that I know how to find God in the flesh.
But can you take me behind Pluto and to the 17th dimension to prove to me that He's not there?

Because somehow, in the complex and inconceivable thing called faith,
I have to believe that somewhere, right now, and in some way,
Jesus has skin on.
The gnostic way of thinking is wrong, because our bodies aren't prisons.
God took on human form  because it's worth redeeming,
He was fully human,
and I don't believe that He's shed his flesh.
He's coming back in the flesh,
bringing a very physical New Jerusalem.

So He's out there.

Maybe this Jesus is the closest thing I can believe in to an alien.
..and maybe, just maybe, I'm okay with that.

God in the 17th dimension
hidden behind the mass of Pluto
truth beyond fathom and proof
in"CARNE"tion : with meat
the God-man in the flesh
maybe drinking a Pepsi
amazed and in tune
so far away
yet full of personal interaction
with His chosen people
the little homo sapiens
back on planet earth

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