Monday, April 27

Winters Spring Leadership 2015

Kristen, myself, Hope, and Becky
This is this week's photo of the week. Yes, it's late, but it's because I was having the time of my life at a business conference.

These three women in the picture with me are genuine goldmines and diamonds in the making. I got to travel to the Winters Spring Leadership conference and it was incredible.

The one thing that keeps striking me is how genuine everyone on the team truly is and how persistently they showed such strong servant leadership. I was in need of nothing all weekend, even though I was a long way from home and living out of a carry-on bag.
The three of these beautiful women are so Christ-like and humble. They're dreamers and achievers and totally bring me up to a whole new level of thinking and belief. I could honestly write pages and pages on each of them, and I've only been in communication with Hope and Kristen for two months (and met them for the first time this weekend).

I could also write a novel about all of the things I learned this weekend, about myself, my business, my dreams, and my faith. So much knowledge and little nuggets of goodness that I'm still taking in. I laughed and I cried and I processed and listened. 
Too little sleep, so much to take in, a new appreciation energy drinks, and one amazing weekend.

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