Friday, March 27

care package!

This week's photo of the week is the package I received today... My household (a small group within my home church) sent me all sorts of chocolate and home-baked goodies.

I feel like this is a part of God's provision for me in the preparation for the upcoming, crazy month of April.
Three of the four weekends in April will have me off campus, and only one of them will find me at home...the other two will put me far outside of my comfort zone. Combine this with my introverted love of being alone in a predictable environment, and it's going to take me lots of coffee and lots of Jesus.

So a box of blonde brownies, homemade cookies, chocolate, granola bars, and puppy chow... that's what I need this week; an excuse to slow down, breathe deep, take care of myself, indulge a little, work ahead on homework, and appreciate the support system of people I have rooting for me.
Sometimes I'm distant. Sometimes I get frustrated. Sometimes things feel awfully lonely...
But I am loved. I am supported. I am valued. I am appreciated. and shoot dang, I am eating some chocolate!

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