Saturday, March 14

Spring Break {photo of the week}

This week's picture comes in right at the end of the week(:
Spring break has been crazy, messy, busy, stressful, frustrating, and beautiful.
Some homework got done {more than expected, less than hoped for}, some tv got watched {dad & I are once again almost caught up on Grimm}, some time spent with people I love {everyone from Spanish speaking six year olds to good friends to mentors and grandparents}, and the occasional random adventure. 
Which would be where this week's photo comes in:
For no real reason other than it looked kind f cool and the fact that we could, daddy, the kid, and I took a class in Coptic book binding, a technique used since circa 40AD to make books and have them lay flat when you open them.
Random? Yes.
Crazy? Possibly. 
Worth it? You betcha.

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